Chetty / Chettiar is a Tamil speaking Hindu community in South India. They are said to have migrated from Kaveripoompattanam in Thanjavur District and settled in Kanyakumari District. They were once a trading community and were distinct from the other communities. Few of the community members settled down in Eraniel (Eastern Street or Melatheru) and inThalakulam. Some of the members moved to Thiruvananthapuram,Chennai and Nagercoil for their professional & personal needs. Currently the members are spread all over India and in other parts of the World. They have also diversified their profession and is not limited to trading. Eraniel Melatheru Chetty Samudam & Thalakulam Melatheru Samudhayam was started as a registered association with its office in Eraniel & Thalakulam respectively. The association was originally started for the well being of the communitty members in Eraniel and Thalakulam.

In order to strengthen the relationship of Chennai residing community members, Eraniel-Thalakulam Chithi Vinayakar Madram was formed and registered with Government of Tamilnadu as a society in the year 1984.