Chetty Community

Travancore-Cochin or Thiru-Kochi (Malayalam: തിരു-കൊച്ചി, tiru-kocci ) was a short-lived state of India (1949–1956). It was originally called United State of Travancore and Cochin and was created on 1 July 1949 by the merger of two former Princely States, the kingdoms of Travancore and Cochin with Trivandrum as the capital. It was renamed State of Travancore-Cochin in January 1950.

Parur T. K. Narayana Pillai, the Congress Prime Minister of Travancore, became the Chief Minister of Travancore-Cochin. First elections were held in 1951 and A. J. John, Anaparambil from Congress party was elected as the Chief Minister, ruling until 1954.

The ruler of Travancore was appointed as the governor (known as “Rajpramukh”) of Travancore-Cochin. [Rajpramukh was an administrative title in India which existed from India’s independence in 1947 until 1956. Rajpramukhs were the appointed governors of certain of India’s provinces and states.] The Maharajah of Cochin was offered to be addressed as Uparaja Pramukh, but he did not want any title after handing over the power. The Maharaja politely said that the eldest member of Cochin Royal Family should be called Valiya Thampuran and gave up royal powers unconditionally for the good of the people. While Pattom A. Thanu Pillai was the Praja Socialist Party Chief minister in 1954, Travancore Tamil Nadu Congress launched a campaign for the merger of the Tamil-speaking regions of Southern Travancore with the neighbouring area of Madras state.

The State of Travancore-Cochin (1949-1956) had 4 districts which were subdivided into 36 Taluks


District Taluks
Thiruvananthapuram Thovala, Agastheeswaram, Kallkkulam, Vilavancode, Neyyattinkara,Thiruvananthapuram,Nedumangad,Chirayinkeezhu
Kollam Kollam, Kottarakkara, Pathanapuram, Chenkotta, Kunnathoor,Karunagappally,Karthikappally,Mavelikkara, Pathanamthitta, Thiruvalla, Ambalappuzha, Cherthala
Kottayam Kottayam, Changanasserry, Vaikkom, Muvattupuzha,Thodupuzha,Meenachil,Devikulam, Peermade
Trisur Paravur, Kunnathunad, Kochi-Kanayannur, Kodungallur,Mukundapuram,Thrissur, Thalapilly, Chittur

Under State Reorganisation Act of 1956, the four southern taluks of Travancore, namely Thovalai, Agasteeswaram, Kalkulam and Vilavancode and a part of the Chencotta Taluk was merged with Madras state.

With reference to the representation dated 19.8.1953 from Sri P.Ramaswamy Pillai B.A.,BL (M.L.A- year 1953), Eraniel, the Chief Secretariat (Services section) Government of Travancore-Cochin, produced proceedings (by order of His Highness the Rajpramukh) ORDER R.DIS. 11298/54/CS dated 18.9.1955., mentioned that “The Government are pleased to order that Chetties will be included in the list of ‘other backward communities for the grant of educational concessions’ and under ‘backward class-other Hindus’ for reservation of appointments in public services under article 16(4) of the constitution”.

enlrpSri P.Ramaswamy Pillai B.A.,BL (M.L.A- period 1953) – famous politician, good leader in merging of Tamil-speaking regions of Southern Travancore with TamilNadu, well talented Advocate, very good personality etc., of Eraniel-Thalakulam-Ezhur Chettu samuthayam, in his life period.Due to the efforts of Mr. P. Ramasamy Pillai, Ex. MLA and other respected members of our caste, caste has been  classified as Backward Caste in Cochin Province.Later at the time of State Re-organisations, Kanyakumari District (Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu was carved out of Travancore-Cohin State in the 1956 State re-organizataion comprising its four southern taluks of Thovala, Agastheeswaram, Kalkulam and Vilavancode) and a part of Shencottah Taluk were added into State Tamil Nadu from Travancore Cochin (in 1.11.1956).

The Government of Tamil Nadu constituted the First Backward Classes Commission in the year 1969 under the Chairmanship of Thiru.A.N.Sattanathan to recommend for the betterment of Backward Classes in Education, in Employment under Government and in several fields of economic activities. Based on the recommendation of the above Commission, the Government included certain communities in the list of Backward Classes from time to time.

enlravi  During that time, due to the great efforts of Mr.R.Chidambarathanu Pillai@Eraniel Ravi, famous politician, well talented Advocate , Chairman in Thuckalay Panchayath Union ,very good personality etc., of Eraniel-Thalakulam-Ezhur Chettu samuthayam, S/o Sri P.Ramaswamy Pillai B.A.,BL (M.L.A- period 1953) , the Chetty or Chettu of Kanyakumari District is awarded as Backward Class in State TamilNadu .

A consolidated list containing the list of communities forming part of Backward Classes within the State of Tamil Nadu was issued in G.O. Ms. No.437, Social Welfare Department, dated 15.5.1972. Annexure III of the said G.O. contained 39 communities in the list of Most Backward Classes. (Annexure I listed the Backward Classes throughout the State; Annexure II listed Backward Classes in Kanyakumari district and Shencottah taluk of Tirunelveli district). The revised list was given effect from the academic year 1971 -1972 for the purpose of Educational and other concessions and reservation of seats in educational institutions. For the purpose of reservation in recruitment to Public Services, the list was given effect from the date of the order.

Sri P.Ramaswamy Pillai B.A.,BL (M.L.A- period 1953) and Mr.R.Chidambarathanu Pillai@Eraniel Ravi, S/o Sri Sri P.Ramaswamy Pillai B.A.,BL (M.L.A- period 1953) are both fixed the strong root for the backward class award for our community . Though these two leaders are not alive today , we the Community people Chetty or Chettu of Kanyakumari Dist are very much thankful to them and also thankful to each and every respected members of our community who gave support to the efforts taken by these two great kind hearts for getting this award.

Such benefits in the future would be determined by the data collected by officials and hence we request you all to please provide all information required by such officials without fail. Any failure to provide such information affects everyone in our caste and hence it is extremely important that every member of our caste should provide the required information to the officials if needed.

In the latest list of Backward class published in Tamilnadu Govt Gazette on Friday September 5 2008 , Our community is in 15

Also we request you all to fill in our caste information for State TamilNadu Services as follow

  • Backward Community : S No 15  –> Chettu or Chetty of KanyaKumari Dist



The Mandal Commission was established in India in 1979 with a mandate to identify the socially or educationally backwardness. It was headed by Indian parliamentarian B.P. Mandal to consider the question of seat reservations and quotas for people to redress caste discrimination, and used eleven social, economic, and educational indicators to determine backwardness. The report of the commission was submitted in December 1980.All the recommendations of the report are not yet implemented.

The recommendation of reservations for OBC’s in government services was implemented in 1993. The recommendation of reservations in Higher educational institutes was implemented in 2008

Also we request you all to fill in our caste information for central government services as follows [ as per Other Backward Community list as per Mandal commission report (1980) ]:

  • S No 36 in OBC list (TamilNadu- for Central Government services)
  • Chettu or Chetty of Kanyakumari District -State TamilNadu

obc1      obc2

(i)            13.11.1969 First Backward Classes Commission in Tamilnadu


1) Thiru.A.N.Sattanathan,  (Retired Collector of Customs)


2) Thiru.S.Chinnappan, District&Sessions Judge (Retd)

3) Thiru.M.A.Jamal Hussain, District&SessionsJudge(Retd)

Member Secretary:-

4) Director of Backward Classes

Term of the Commission 18.11.1969 to 26.11.1970

G.O.Ms.No. 842, Social Welfare department, dated 13.11.1969


The Supreme Court of India, in its judgement in Mandal Commission cases, directed, among other things, that the Government of India and the State Governments have the power to and ought to create a permanent mechanism – in the nature of a Commission for examining requests of inclusion and complaints of over-inclusion or non-inclusion in the list of Other Backward Classes and to advice the Government, which advice shall ordinarily be binding upon the Government.

The Supreme Court also held that the body so created can also be consulted in the matter of periodic revision of list of Other Backward Classes. In pursuance of the above direction of the Supreme Court, the Government constituted a permanent Commission termed as “Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Commission” under Article 16(4) read with Article 340 of the Constitution of India, headed by retired Judge of High Court as Chairman with eight Members, in G.O. Ms. No.9, Backward Classes and Most Backward Classes Welfare Department, dated 15.3.1993.

(ii)           15.3.1993 First constitution of permanent Commission


1)Justice Thiru.K. Shanmugam, Retd High Court Judge


2)Thiru.U.S.Natarajan,IAS (Retd)

3)Thiru.M.Manickavelu,IAS (Retd)

4)Dr.C.Murukadas, Professor of Economics

5)Thiru.C.Muthusamy, IAS(Retd)

6)Dr.D.Sundaram, Professor of Sociology

Ex-officio Members:-

7)Director of BC and MW

8)Director of MBC and DC

Member Secretary:-

Thiru.R.Sellamuthu, IAS.,

Two years G.O.Ms.No.9, BC,MBC Welfare Dept, dated 15.3.1993

(iii)        The Government now reconstitute Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Commission with the Chairman and Members mentioned as below for a period of three years with effect from 28.12.2012.

  1. Hon’ble Thiru. Justice M.S. Janarthanam (Rtd) Chairman
  2. Dr. R. Thandavan Member
  3. Dr.C.Murukadas Member
  4. Dr. V.R.Thirunarayanan Member
  5. Dr. M.R. Srinivasan Member
  6. Dr. V.M. Muthukumar Member
  7. Dr.. K. Jeyaraman Member


 8 Director of Backward Classes Welfare Member

9 Commissioner of Most Backward Classes and Denotified Communities Member – Secretary

(iv)        (G.O (Ms) No.148, Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes & Minorities Welfare Department, dated 28.12.2012) NOTIFICATION In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 3 read with sub-section (1) of section 4 of the Tamil Nadu State Minorities Commission Act, 2010 (Tamil Nadu Act 21 of 2010), the Governor of Tamil Nadu hereby reconstitute the Tamil Nadu State Minorities Commission to exercise the powers conferred on, and to perform the functions assigned to it under the said Act with the following

  1.  Bishop Dr.M.Prakash – Chairman
  2. Alhaj S Syed Kamil Sahib – Member
  3. Thiru. Justin Selvaraj – Member
  4. Professor A.M.James – Member
  5. Thiru. U.Sudhir Lodha – Member
  6. Thiru. K.Kalamani – Member
  7. Sardar Manjit Singh Nayar – Member
  8. Commissioner of Minorities Welfare, Chennai – 2 – Member – Secretary

The Chairperson and every member of the Commission shall hold office fora period of three years from the 1st day of January 2013.


  1. Tamilnadu Report on justification reservation OBC.pdf).
  2. on justification of reservationOBC.pdf
  3. handbook-TNBCC.pdf
  5. Tamil Nadu Backward Classes CommissionG.O.Ms.No.147 Dated:28 .12.2012

Note The information produced in this file is to the best of our knowledge. . All are welcome to give further more information ( if any) regarding backward class (state TamilNadu) and Other Backward Class ( Central India) awards of our community.


  • திரு. C.இராமசாமி பிள்ளை (a) இளையரவி, நாகர்கோவில்.
  • திருமதி. கல்யாணி இராதாகிருஷ்னன், இரணியல்.
  • திருமதி. ஜெயகுமாரி சிவசுப்பிரமணியன் பிள்ளை, சென்னை.
  • செல்வன். R.சிவபெருமாள் (a) பிரபு, சென்னை.